Daniel Stebbins House

Dr. Daniel Stebbins

Dr. Daniel Stebbins was the physician who designed and built this house in 1795. He was born on April 2, 1766 in Springfield, MA. He was educated at Yale and practiced medicine in Longmeadow for several years before moving to South Hadley where he also engaged in merchandising and other pursuits by which he accumulated a handsome estate. He built this house in 1795 and lived here until 1806 when he and his family moved to Northampton. He was a man of ambition and compassion, integrity and piety. He was deeply interested in all objects conducive to public welfare and served as the Hampshire County Treasurer for 35 years. He was benevolent, charitable and devoted to the public good. Dr Stebbins owned this house until 1812 when he sold it to Evan Johns, Clerk. He died in Oct 7, 1856.

Room #2, The Blue Room is named after Dr. Daniel Stebbins.


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